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Bundubags is a range of striking, handmade bags inspired by a group of South African women and the versatile possibilities of commercial, recycled and repurposed cargo strapping at our disposal.

Our bags started out of a desire to create something completely unique, 100% African made, eco friendly and that harnessed the existing skill of traditional weaving techniques. Each Bundubag is completely handmade, from the woven strapping, to the hand printed, 100% African cotton Shwe Shwe print lining. The cargo strapping is collected, cleaned and then weaved into the shape and design of our final bags.

Adding to the commitment of creating a 100% African designed end product, we line our bags with Shwe Shwe fabric. The fabric we use still uses the traditional process of printing fabric through copper rollers, which have the patterns etched onto the surface.

Bundubags commitment to sustainability goes beyond recycling waste-bound materials. We also practice fair trade principles. We care for each and every one of the ladies making Bundubags. They are the ones that put their skills and love into making our bags. They are paid fair and meaningful wages, not the minimum wages that dominate the industry. Bundubags is a family-owned business, so we see the value inherent in investing in the lives of the women, their families, and their communities.

Bundubags are available as:
  • Messenger bags
  • Tote bags
  • Beach bags
We are currently available in retail stores in USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa as well as online.

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