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Blue Gold Holdings Pty Ltd is a South African based company located in Sandton, Johannesburg aiming to contribute to the development of water, wastewater and green energy infrastructure in Africa.

Blue Gold’s mission is to provide innovative, practical and cost-effective water technologies in order to:

  • Propose the most cost-effective solution to each client;
  • Contribute to protecting the environment and its precious water resources;
  • Enable the client to be able to operate the technology by training the staff;
  • Contribute to the development of sustainable water infrastructure in the SADC region.

For the Hospitality industry; 

Blue Gold offers their inovative Aqua Diamante soda treatment for swimming pools. Combining the perfect hygiene of the classic swimming pool, with the comfort of chlorine-free water. 

The innovative Aqua Diamante soda treatment uses diamond electrodes to activate the oxygen in water. In contrast to a traditional “salt disinfection”, it uses oxygen as the active agent, rather than chlorine. Aqua Diamante is the first and only system that guarantees a truly chlorine-free water treatment.

For the water infrastructure comunity;

The company is the exclusive licensee in the SADC region for the proven advanced water and wastewater treatment technology called MS-CATOXI. As proven in a number of countries, the technology has numerous major advantages over other wastewater treatment technologies since it not only facilitates effective water recycling, but also enables the production of biogas and bio compost which can be used in agriculture and forestry.

Big economic savings are ensured as closed-circuit use of water is now possible. It requires minimal electricity and can be considered a green technology. Our team of engineers is well trained on the technology and able to find the best solution for most industries where wastewater is produced.

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