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AGAMA BiogasPro: the professional, prefabricated range of biogas digesters a wide range of inputs and biogas outputs. Our customers include eco lodges, rural schools, farmers, schools and green households - mainly rural, with some urban customers. The AGAMA BiogasPro has been approved for installation by some municipalities across South Africa.

  • Clean energy from waste.
  • Zero emissions.
  • Nutrient and water recycling.
  • Naturally.

Biogas systems use bacteria to break down wet organic matter like animal dung, human sewage or food waste. This produces biogas, which is a mixture of methane (CH4) or natural gas and carbon dioxide (CO2) , and a liquid residue. The biogas is used as a fuel for cooking, lighting or generating electricity. Using biogas can save the labour of gathering and using wood for cooking, minimise harmful smoke in homes, and cut deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. Biogas plants can also improve sanitation, and the residue is useful as a fertiliser.

The AGAMA BiogasPro can also be used as a septic tank.

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