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The Beverage Brothers - otherwise known as Brett and Ryan Hargrave - have drawn upon their years of experience in the beverage and banqueting industry to provide simple and effective solutions to the logistical problems often facing banqueting managers.

The brothers have designed a range of unique and versatile beverage serving equipment that take the hassle out of providing guests with drinks at banquets and other functions.

We are quickly changing the way your everyday function looks, raising the level of professionalism and service to heights never seen in Africa.

With their innovative approach to revolutionizing beverage service to both casino patrons and banqueting guests, The Beverage Brothers have found a welcome market for their custom-made mobile beverage service trolleys and bar counters.

After The Beverage Brothers have made an assessment of the clients premises and needs the equipment is custom-made to the specific requirements of each client.

To date The Beverage Brothers have implemented their portable bar equipment at Sun City, Caesars Gauteng Casino, Gold Reef City Casino and Conference Center, Tusk Resorts and ICC Durban as well as other conferencing and banqueting establishments across the country.

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