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Ecoswift is a distributor and wholesaler of PPE equipment, sanitising products and services in South Africa and across the globe. When it comes to sourcing quality products that provide the…

Pinnacle Hygiene Services CC

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PINNACLE HYGIENE AND PEST CONTROL SERVICES Pinnacle was established in 2008. That means we’ve been around for long enough to understand and solve your hygiene, cleaning, and pest control…

Pro-Glow Hospitality

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Pro-Glow Hospitality has 15 years experience in the industry. We supply Hotels, Guesthouses, B&B’s and Lodges with the same level of great service. We are certain we can cater for every…

Shoe Sani Mat

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Research has shown that COVID-19 can be carried on the soles of our shoes. This means it can “walk” with us into our homes and workplaces. Shoe Sani Mats prevent this by sanitising the soles…