Testimonials from Workshops / Consultations

I attended the breakaway workshop at Indaba on Monday. Please let Lorraine Jenks know that I appreciate her efforts in highlighting issues of climate change. So few people are willing to lay it on the line because we all want to just continue to feel good and hope that “they” figure out how to save us from this thing.

On a personal note, one thing she mentioned really hit home…my 16 year old son has been asking me all year, “why do you need so many shoes?”. He was thinking along the lines of accumulation of assets in a world that need us to use our money to help others. When Lorraine said, “You only need three pairs of shoes”, it really hit home.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the Indaba, and for the well run workshop.

Best regards,

Michelle Wilson

Dear Lorraine,

Thank you very much for your inspiring and informative presentation at Backsberg today, and there have been many important  lessons learnt.

Thanks so much once again.

Kind regards from Franschhoek,

Christiane von Arnim
Managing Director

Good Morning Lorraine,

We run an extension assembly every two weeks on a Friday for our High School girls were we like to expose them to current + relevant material that makes them more rounded and informed members of society. Our Consumer Studies teacher found you dynamic + relevant + would like our girls to hear what you spoke about at the IEB Conference, Birchwood.

I believe you will be visiting Durban in May and hope that you would be able to present your Going Green message to our girls.

I do hope we manage to arrange something. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bianca Rademacher
Senior Geography Department
HOD High School Planning & Operations

Good Morning Lorraine,

Thank you for coming to chat to us at Hotel Verde. It was great to see such passion and such thorough believe in every element that encompasses sustainability.

I think for many of the staff you brought issues to their attention that they have never thought of, for me I learnt many new things I was not aware of. But also, sometimes one gets caught up in day to day living and the stresses thereof and you forget what’s important and how every day decisions or “votes” as you call it make a difference.

I had renewed energy after leaving your talk, to hit my books and study, to pick up my blog on sustainability and to make my votes count! You will be glad to hear myself and my boyfriend went out and bought a range of t-shirts form Hemporium. He cannot stop raving about the quality feel and the breathability.

We look forward to you visiting us again.

Thank you.

Roxanne Norman
Customer Relations Executive

Hi Lorraine,

Thanks so, so much for your talk. I absolutely loved it and luuuuuved your references and so did the audience. I do hope that I will get the opportunity to reciprocate.

Thanks again. Very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,



Just wanted to say thank you, for the invitation to going to the workshop yesterday at the Links. It was most informative.

Please could you give me the name of the short lady with the white hair, that spoke on pollution.

Have you got a photo of her I was so impressed.



It was my first Indaba in 10 years and I was impressed with what you offer and do.

The presentation was spot on, addressing real-time issues - no window dressing, and very interesting.

The information was not just useful, it was well researched and insightful. The fact that the Green Queen and her team are passionate about what they do made the event shine.

There were no specific highlights...the whole presentation was a highlight in and of itself.

As for general impression - caring people doing what they love, with passion.

If anything, the topic(s) need to be workshopped, possibly two a day, every day. I know it's hard work but I believe you're making a difference and a once off means you don't reach enough of the decision makers in the industry. Being my first time n forever attending the event, I could be wrong though.

Personally my thinking is on a par with the team but now I am super aware and armed to educate with the resources you make available.

I will be talking to the BnB, guesthouse and other industry owners in my area so will have to see how best to bring the Green Team to tell it like it is.

Many thanks for the opportunity and look forward to spreading green.

Helen Richter

Hello Lorraine!

I wanted to send you a mail in appreciation for your incredible talk at Indaba.  As a Zoologist by training but a tourism marketer by trade, I was very happy that you brought up the environmental issues that you did (which were probably completely unknown to 99% of that room!).

The next time you are in Cape Town and are feeling up for an adventure, please let me know as we would love to host you for a shark cage dive or a whale watching trip.  Yes, we are fair trade accredited, and yes, that is possible!

Warm regards, and hopefully see you soon!

Michelle Wcisel
Predator Researcher & Online Community Manager

Thank you very much for the mail.

I must admit, I’ve enjoyed Lorraine’s presentation very much and would love to host you for a similar workshop in Potchefstroom for our tourism product owners and the community.   The presentation was very informative and I believe we all can only benefit from it. Please be kind enough and inform on the cost and other logistics in this regard.

It will be appreciated if you could mail a copy of her presentation to me.

Thanking you in advance

Warm Tourism Regards

Magda Cilliers
Manager: Tourism & Marketing
Department Economic Development

Thank you for your mail.

The presentation was very informative and useful.  The only suggestion that I have, was when I returned back to look at your websites.

My suggestion is that you group the suppliers by Product and then can search down further to location. We all want to support our local area and this is also less harmful on the environment with transportation of goods.

Kind regards

Andrew Merrill
Project Consultant

Thank you for the email, the presentation was great, Lorraine did a great job by showing something so serious and thought provoking in such a fresh and vibrant manner. She was a spectacular speaker, giving vital information but slipping in humour every few minutes to keep us relaxed and  entertained as well as interested. I would recommend this workshop to all my friends. I think what struck me the most was the one point she made about what would Lorraine say or do, now I also look at everything around me and wonder is it green or can it be recycled? Do you do workshops for schools? I think it would make a world of difference if you start from young children who can then grow up doing the right thing. Also can I find information on your website about exactly what things can be recycled and what method of disposal is used for the different items?

Thank you for a very informative and interesting time.

Looking forward to working together to make this planet a better place.

Kind Regards

Sarah Reddy

Testimonials from Buyers

Thanx for the feedback, much appreciated!!

I’ve already received 4 quotes from various companies via your website.

Greetings from Strand


Thank you very much for that, I will contact them and let them know that we got their details from Hotelstuff

Thanks :)

Catherine Rieckhoff

Thank you ! I have mentioned to all the suppliers you have sent me that I got their details from you :)

Janet Jarvis

Thank you so much for the information provided. Much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Stephan van der Walt

Many thanks for these contacts , I will most certainly let them know that we have been referred by you.

Kind regards

Sandra de Witt

Thank you for providing me with some direction. I will definitely mention I was referred by Hotelstuff.

Best regards

Nolubabalo Pulu
Business in East London

Thank you and will be sure to mention that we found them via Hotelstuff.


Berdine Smith

Many thanks for your info and quick response. I have been in touch with various other companies via your website and they have responded a.s.a.p. Well done on the hard work and effort you have put into your "hotel stuff".

It's rather frightening when you want to start something up and you are starting from scratch and have to ask this one and that one for all sorts of info.

New Guest House

Thank you very much for the info - I've been in touch with the suppliers and have already received the quote. Very efficient!

Best regards

Kerstin Bruntnell

Good Morning Lorraine,

Thank you for your email sent. Yes, everything is going extremely well. I have had a great response from various suppliers that emailed me. Your service is excellent. I never knew that it even existed until my husband told me.

I will shout if I need any further assistance.

Lorriaan van Wyk

Wow, are you great!! Thank you so much!!

Michael Buckley

Testimonials from Suppliers

Loving being part of Hotelstuff, its brining in nice business for me so thank you!

Many thanks

Ann Mackrill

Thank you for all the lovely leads being sent through, much appreciated!


Daniel Kurgan

Listing our company as a supplier on your site has been one of the most effective forms of advertising for us, consistently generating a very good number of high quality leads since we joined.

It has also been a terrific resource for us in situations where we have our customers looking for items that we cannot supply, then we always try to refer them to another Hotelstuff supplier.

It is a fantastic website backed by a dedicated and professional team - and it is always such a pleasure to deal with you Dorothy.

Oriana Hurly

Hi Lorraine

I must say It was a pleasure meeting you and you the most amazing person I have met in a long time, I really enjoyed listening to you and what you have achieved. You really inspired me.
Bill did phone and we busy with the website, am really looking forward to future events.

Have a “green” day

Sheryl H

Thank you so much for the leads you are sending me. I really appreciate these.

Kind Regards


We are receiving incredible leads from you and our reps are having hits - one of the leads was for a new boutique hotel in Athol, we are delivering today.

(A few weeks later): It is quite amazing how many enquiries you are receiving that are not related to hospitality, but to retail.

Val Sutherland

Just wanted to thank everyone at Hotelstuff for doing such a great job in promoting the Hotelstuff website and keeping us informed of events in the industry.

We have only subscribed to the service since July, but we have already had a significant and measureable return on our investment!

We have received several interesting enquiries directly from the hotelstuff site and we believe that the increased responses on our contact form on our main website are also attributable to our exposure on your website.

Thanks for offering this wonderful service.

Miranda lsaakidis

Hi Lorraine,

I must say that your site is definitely working for us, and we have generated many leads from it.

Myron Krost