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Turbo Vent Africa was established in 1990 to market and distribute the well-known 'Whirlybird' wind-driven Turbo-Vent. Over the years, the Whirlybird was complemented by other Turbo-Vents, some larger, some smaller, and some of different materials. The 'Twister' is a range of Turbo Vents designed by Turbo Vent and manufactured in South Africa. Over the years, Turbo Vents have replaced static ventilators and fans as the solution of choice.

However, Turbo Vent recognised that, in many instance, ventilation is only a partial solution. Ventilation cannot cool the interior of a building below the temperature of the ambient air outside the building. Yet, it is often necessary or desirable to cool the building further.

EVAPORATIVE AIR CONDITIONING - was seen as an ideal solution. Evaporative air conditioning not only cools the air within a building to a lower temperature than the ambient air, but it ventilates the space at the same time. Polluted air is flushed out, oxygen levels are maintained, and windows and doors can be left open.
Turbo Vent imports the Breezair range of evaporative air conditioners.

Manufactured in Australia by Seeley International, the Breezair range is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 standards and carries the CE and TUV accreditations.

Although evaporative air conditioning provides better indoor air quality at a lower price, clients do often need a refrigerative air conditioner for spaces that are not ideally suited to evaporative air conditioning. A unique range of refrigerative air conditioners has been added to the Turbo Vent range. Chunlan air conditioners are manufactured in China and have an ISO 9001 certificate, as well as BSI; HKQAA; TUV and CE ratings.

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