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Taluka Pty Ltd is a specialist manufacturing company focusing exclusively on developing high quality and unique synthetic materials that simulate nature in appearance but which enjoy the benefits of man-made materials (longevity, low maintenance, rot resistant, etc). These materials are then machined into specific profiles and finished to emulate a particular natural material (eg wood or cane). Our goal is to develop, manufacture and market products and materials that are:

  1. Visually and aesthetically comparable with the natural materials.
  2. Price competitive.
  3. Environmentally friendly.
  4. Superior in terms of life span, care and maintenance.
We have a wide range of products that utilise our premium materials that are ideal for the hospitality industry. These include:
  • Sun decks and related
  • Pergolas
  • Screens [Privacy, concealment and weather]
  • Architectural features [eg beams and eave supports]
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Column cladding

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