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Research has shown that COVID-19 can be carried on the soles of our shoes. This means it can “walk” with us into our homes and workplaces. Shoe Sani Mats prevent this by sanitising the soles of your shoes. Mats can be customised with your company logo. 

Our mats are manufactured using recycled tyres, which prevents these tyres from ending up in landfills. Every set of two mats removes 11 passenger tyres out of the environment. This means 1.5 cubic metres less landfill space is taken up by tyres. 

Tyre Epidemic

The Global rubber scrap figure, is in EXCESS of 18 million tons – with approximately 60% of that being used tyres.

Over 3 billion new tyres are manufactured EACH year which if averaged at a diameter of 600mm each and laid flat, would cover 2,16 billion square meters.

Unrecycled tyre waste is an enormous global problem because of its non-biodegradability, its flammability and its composition. Due to their large volumes and 75% void space which quickly fill up valuable dump area, used tyres are not suitable for landfills.

Used tyres remain buoyant and rise to the surface of waste sites due to their design. The process of dumping tyres has been linked to increased mosquito and other insect breeding, contamination of both underground and above ground water systems, as well as chemically destroying many beneficial bacteria that grow in the soil within and surrounding a landfill.

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