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In a short space of time, Safeguard Hygiene and Safety realized that the South African consumer is far more educated in the field of enzyme, bacterial and green cleaning products than just a few years ago. Hence, Safeguard Hygiene and Safety has now added a bio enzymatic range of eco friendly products to their current range of household and industrial detergents. 

Our range of products can be used in a range of applications; from cleaning, hygiene, effluent treatment, environmental remediation, construction, to literally any other application.

Our eco-friendly range of products have the following benefits: 

  • It is locally manufactured
  • No carbon footprint
  • Supporting local economy
  • Tremendous cost saving and performance benefits
  • Safeguard’s enzyme and green cleaning products are based on stringent requirements of the Heritage Environmental program and where applicable carry the coveted Eco-Choice label. This guarantees that our products are of the highest international standards while having no negative impact on environment. 

Safeguard Hygiene and Safety’s bio-enzyme and green cleaning products are based on local South African bacterial strains which gives them a massive home grown performance advantage. They degrade waste quicker, metabolise faster, reproduce quicker, survive for longer, while superior CFU (colony forming unit) counts means they can colonise a specific application much quicker. 

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