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Ozone Solutions (OSI) invested many years of research in water and air purification using Ozone gas. Ozone (O3) is a natural gas with three oxygen atoms, and it is also called the “Super Charged Oxygen” as it is created by a high electrical charge. Ozone is an extremely strong oxidant, which reverts back to harmless oxygen (O2) after it has done its oxidising job. Ozone neutralises the actual micro-organisms that cause the bad odour.  Our products provide cost effective, chemical free solutions for a sanitised and odour free environment.

For the Hospitality Industry OSI can offer four Essential products for any Hospitality establishment:

1.  Airzone Giai Air Purifier 

  • For Reception or Smoking Areas. Using Hepa filters to remove Airborne particles from the air such as Dust and Pollen and sanitise against flu or TB virus.
  • OPtional ozone to remove smoke or other smells and to maintain sanitised surface areas.
  • Wall or Desk mounted with remote control

2.  Airzone OdoGo Portable Air Purifier

  • No more need for dedicated smoking rooms...
  • A "Must have" for any Housekeeper to place in a Hotel room after cleaning to remove all smells including cigarette smoke permanently.
  • Use after painting a room to occupy immediately

3.  Airzone OdoFree Sani Air Freshener. ( 200 mg/hr ozoniser)

  • Wall mounted Toilet and Washroom Deodoriser/ Sanitiser.
  • Freshen up Stale Air in an enclosed room
  • Garbage or Refuse area smell remover and sanitiser
  • Prevent mould growth 

4.  GetOzone Home Ozoniser

  • Purify drinking and ice water
  • Wash fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Remove odour from fridges cold room, drains, garbage or vehicle

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