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L3 Marketing is a specialist procurement company to the hotel and hospitality industries and have been operating for the past 8 years.

We supply a range of Fine Dining Air Laid paper napkins (FSC approved) to hotels, restaurants and the hospitality and medical industries as well as a range of olives, stuffed olives, olive oils and balsamic vinegar and relevant stands. We source anything and everything from coat hangers to furniture.

We are delighted to be able to offer you a Premium product for your establishment in the form of our latest imported Air Laid paper serviettes/napkins. Compared with normal wet-laid paper and tissue, Air-Laid paper is very strong, porous and soft. It has wonderful liquid absorption properties and is much stronger compared with normal tissue.

Air Laid napkins are the modern and less expensive alternative to linen. A thick, soft embossed napkin perfect for fine dining establishments and restaurants where the food, cutlery and eating environment are of the highest priority. For those who want to make the right impression , Air Laid Napkins are the table requisite of choice. The linen feel conveys a quality far beyond any other napkin. Competitively priced and highly absorbent. These Napkins would not be out of place on the most distinguished tables in the land and are ideal for restaurants, hotels, conference venues and wedding venues that like to give that little bit extra in quality and ambiance.

Main characteristics are:

  • Soft, does not scratch.
  • Non-linting, no dust, no static.
  • Strong, even when wet, can be rinsed/washed and reused as kitchen wipes thus offering further savings.
  • Clean, hygienic, and eco-friendly. (FSC Approved and Certified)
  • Folds just like normal linen napkins.
  • Textile-like surface and drape.
  • Can be printed and embossed.
  • We currently supply a number of major hotel groups and top restaurants.

We can offer a range of colours and sizes. The napkins come packed in 50’s and with the superior range packed 900 per carton or the standard range packed 1200 per carton.

Please do not hesitate to contact me personally at any time with any queries. I am always available via my mobile phone or email. We have been supplying a number of the group hotels for almost 3 years and the clients comments are very positive.

Set the table with FSC-certified products

Responsible forestry is an important part of our environmental strategy. In 2009, our supplier became an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Mixed Sources certified company.

The FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC certified forests are managed in a way that meets the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. The FSC program minimizes the risk of:

  • illegally harvested wood
  • wood harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights
  • wood harvested from forests in which high conservation values are threatened by management activities
  • wood harvested from areas being converted from forests and other
  • wooded eco-systems to plantations or non-forest uses
  • wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted

Easy to handle

When it comes to running a hotel or restaurant, time is often the greatest luxury of all. With Napkins for Africa napkins, you free staff from the hassle of laundering, starching, ironing and mending, which allows them more time for more important tasks – like keeping guests happy.

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