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The Joburg Green Map is the local chapter of an international mapping initiative that operates in over 65 countries around the world. The aim of the Green Map is to provide accessible, useful information on sustainable living choices to citizens of Johannesburg. We do this through the innovative application of user friendly icons that show spaces of green interest across the city.

These icons are placed on maps and made available in electronic and printed formats so that greener choices can be easily located and accessed. All types of green sites are highlighted - from parks to farmers markets; green stores to renewable energy services; community gardens to recycling depots and much more!

Suppliers of green products and services are especially invited be a part of the Joburg Green Map community. Adding your site on our website - - takes only a few simple clicks and is ABSOLUTELY FREE to anyone who is making a contribution to greening Joburg. Despite the short time since its launch, the Joburg Green Map already has well over 120 sites listed on the map and the number is growing every day!

Our website also has a number of resources available including a green tips section, regular topical blogs on environmental issues and an event section where green-related activities are shared.

Make sure you are part of this growing community, join the Joburg Green Map and help create a sustainable city for future generations, today.

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