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Manufacturer and distributor of cleaning equipment and services since 1996. Manufacture industrial vacuums and in 2020 manufacture UVC units for killing COVID-19 and other viruses as well as employee sanitizing walk through tunnels.

IndClean was formed as a specialist cleaning unit focusing on industrial cleaning using large heavy duty vacuums for dusty floors in warehouses and factories. Since then our cleaning expertise has expanded into removing burnt deposits from bakery doors, fat trap and sump cleaning, steam cleaning of ESKOM generators, fire and flood cleanups for leading companies, steam sanitizing conveyors.

Our  large industrial steam machines are in constant use for sterilizing mattresses, kitchens, curtain cleaning and upholstery refreshing for offices and hotels as well as degreasing engines, gearboxes and drive trains as well as waterless car washing.

Brick, paving, concrete floor and driveway cleaning with our power spinners is in great demand. Roof and attic space removal of bird and rat droppings and other dust infestations is done on site with the heavy duty vacuums.

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