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The "Dry Steam Cleaning" is a natural and ecologically harmless method of deep cleaning and sanitising as it removes harsh chemicals and toxicity resistance between the surface and dirtiness. The "Dry Steam Cleaning" services offered by HYGIvit is a complete floor to ceiling cleaning and hygiene sanitising process, without the need to move or dispose any materials and ready to be re-used within minutes. This entails carpets, curtains, tile & parquet flooring, mattresses, upholstered furniture, kitchen deep cleaning, etc.

In addition, HYGIvit also offers a complete "ECO Industrial Laundry Service, this also includes "Wet Cleaning" which is the eco innovation for dry cleaning.  HYGIvit is service orientated and quality driven, catering for a broad spectrum of clients: hospitality, health-care, beauty salons & spa’s, sport centers, abattoirs, factories, etc. HYGIvit utilises RFID (radio frequency identification) technology in order to identify to whom each and every linen/garment item belongs to, it has a complete audit trail per linen/garment item which includes how many washes, etc. HYGIvit operates 7 days a week and offer a 24 hour turnaround time.

HYGIvit is a distributor of various ECO Cleaning Chemicals.

HYGIvit's mission is to be the outsourcing solution partner for your facility's steam cleaning,- laundry service and ECO friendly chemicals. Our scope of services can be tailored to reflect your needs, and designed to save you money."

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