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Hydroliq produces water based disinfection solutions, without synthetic additives. Our unique electrolysis process creates biocidal products that have the ability to eliminate viruses, multi-resistant bacteria, spores and fungi within a very short time.

The products are harmless to humans and nature.

Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions is a South African company with our head office in Luzern Switzerland. Hydroliq produces natural water-based disinfection, we offer sustainable products that effectively fight viruses, multi-resistant bacteria and other germs. We are located at the foot of Table Mountain, with a view to providing products to Sub Saharan Africa.

With our sustainable products we offer you effective solutions to fight viruses, multi-resistant bacteria and other germs.

Unique Hygiene Technology

In contrast to conventional room or surface disinfectants, Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions are completely harmless to people and the environment, since no toxic decay products or residues are created. The treated surfaces and the rooms can be used by people immediately after or even during disinfection (e.g. by application using ultrasonic humidifiers or air conditioning systems).

Skin, mucous membranes and surfaces are not attacked.

Further Product Areas

Furthermore, Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions offers biocide solutions and hygiene concepts that are adapted to the respective areas of application (e.g. for agriculture, horticulture, sports facilities and golf courses, as well as for the veterinary area).

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