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We are a company, based in South Africa, that is dedicated to help reduce the carbon footprint on this continent.

To this end we are offering new generation products using innovative technology to reduce the electricity usage in the two main areas of domestic use.

Water heating and cooking consume approx 60% of the electricity in an average household.

Our water heaters and cookers reduce this by using magnetic induction, which heats the product more rapidly than conventional water heaters and cookers thus saving time and ultimately electricity.

Split Magnetic Water Heater (Induction Geyser) :

The split magnetic geyser has two parts: a water heater and magnetic energy generator. The magnetic energy generator converts electric energy into magnetic energy which transfers to the water heater.

A magnetic receiver in the water heater converts the magnetic energy into an eddy current which in turn heats tank and then the water. The split magnetic geyser uses new temperature test technology to control the water temperature effectively.

There is an inbuilt high-density thermal insulation layer that minimizes temperature loss.

The Split Magnetic Water Heater takes advantage of the latest technologies, making it a safe, convenient and durable water heater.

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