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The Flushy is a SA invented and patented water saving innovation, that is proven to save up to 50% of the water used.*

  • Toilet Flushing is the single highest household use of consumption, presenting a prime opportunity for water conservation.
  • Flushy's innovative design was created to specifically address the relatively unseen side of wastage of household and business water use. With an average person flushing 5 times a day, amounting to 35% of total monthly water consumption in households. Each full flush consumes almost 9 litres of water.
  • Flushy is designed to save 50% per flush. Flushy Results are immediate after installation. Leakages caused due to faulty rubber mechanism are ceased.
  • Flushy offers individual households, businesses and NPOs an inexpensive and practical solution to save money and be in control of their water consumption. Flushy SA is maintenance Free.
  • Flushy SA is manufactured using state of the art materials to ensure that the device sustains itself for up to 3 years in all conditions. We are confident and offer a 1 year FULL Money Back Guarantee.

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