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EcoSmart™ is South Africa’s leading specialist to supply and install cost-effective renewable energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. EcoSmart™ specializes in Biomass boilers and electricity generators. Biomass Electrical generation plants from 10.6kW to 2400kW and Biomass boilers from 10kW to 10mW.

EcoSmart™ are able to install biomass boiler and electricity generators for individual houses, hotels, developments of any size. This includes the heating of domestic water, space heating and pool/Jacuzzi heating.

The major products supplied are :

  1. Herz Biomass Boilers using wood pellets, wood logs or wood chips for the heating of Domestic water, water underfloor heating, pool and Jacuzzi heating, radiators and fan coil heating.
  2. IBES (Integrated Biomass Energy System) producing a constant 10.6kW electrical energy and 25kW of water heating.

  3. Binder Biomass boilers for production of hot water to 97°C, hot water to 160°C, steam to 220°C, super-heated steam to 450°C, hot air or gas to 550°C to 700°C

  4. Zucatto Low Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle for creating electricity from any of the above.

  5. Wood log or pellet fire places that heat water via water heat exchangers.

  6. Hydronic Water Underfloor Heating

  7. Biomass supply in the form of Wood Chips and Wood Pellets.

  8. Hydronic Heated Towel Rail and Radiator heating systems.

  9. Solar Powered Electricity.

  10. Herz Heat Pumps – geothermal -  air to water – water to water.

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