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The world over, The Dutch brand Deryan, is well known for their award-winning travel cots and travel accessories for babies and young children and we are proud to bring their signature range to the South African market. All the products are multifunctional, practical, beautiful quality and fun.


As every parent knows, sleep makes the world go around. Deryan have developed the range of travel cots for all parents with a newborn to 4-5 years old.

Our cots are a sleep and play dream for all young children.

Compact, portable, comfortable and lightweight, Deryan travel cots, are the crème de la crème when it comes to travel cots and it literally pops up in seconds. 

MOSQUITO NET for single bed

All kids love to go camping. With the Deryan Mosquito Net in the shape of a Bed Tent, kids can go on a magical camping adventure from their own beds. Watch as bedtime becomes one of the best parts of the day. Every child’s face lights up when they see the Deryan Bed Tent – imaginations ignite and they simply love playing in the tent as well as getting warm/cool and cosy inside for a sound night’s sleep.

The Deryan Bed Tent is easy to transport and put up and prevents children from falling out of bed.

Pop up MOSQUITO NET for cots 

The Pop up COT Mosquito Net by Deryan provides a safe, mozzie free place for your little one to sleep.

It’s cleaver and versatile design allows the net to fit most standard and large baby cots easily, while the wide zipped opening makes for a handy and easy access.

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