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Del products represent a major breakthrough in ecological cleaning. Developed from plant-based organic surfactants, they are non-toxic, non harmful, non-hazardous, totally biodegradable and extremely cost effective. Using the Del range will save money by replacing multiple, hazardous chemical cleaners with more effective Del products that will improve health & safety (for employees and customers), optimise storage space and help the environment.

Our vision is to be the world leading innovator of environmentally safe cleaning products. We will focus on every aspect of our cradle to cradle model to ensure the best possible solution with the least possible impact on the environment.

The Del range are the first cleaning products manufactured in the UK to be accredited with the EU Ecolabel. Del Eco has broken the mould when it comes to manufacturing and supplying ecological cleaning liquids. Since it was founded in 2007, Del Eco became the first UK company to develop an EU Ecolabel accredited ecological cleaning range and is still the only UK company to only manufacture ecologically minded products.

The nature of the products means they do not require toxic, harmful or corrosive labeling and are, therefore, easy to store - reducing risk and the need for segregated storage. They are suitable for use in many different areas including:
  • Hospitals and clinical facilities
  • Schools and colleges
  • Food and drinks manufacturers
  • Heavy industry and manufacturing
  • Railways and aviation
  • Care homes and nursing homes
  • Restaurants and catering establishments
  • Hotels and leisure facilities
  • Public buildings and offices

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