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KURGAN KENANI - Tubular Bandana Mask

Introducing the Tubular Filter Bandana Mask

Tired of same old same old uncomfortable masks? Looking for something different, much more comfortable, but still very protective?

Introducing the Tubeee, a Kurgan Kenani innovation…. A tubular bandana, but with built-in three-layer protection where you need it most. Manufactured locally by Kurgan Kenani Leather.

All the convenience of a Buff style tubular bandana, easy to wear, comfortable, no strain on the ears, pull up and pull down as and when you need it, but with a three layer filter panel that covers your nose and mouth.

We can do customised print designs for moqs of only 100 units, as well as supply standard print designs (black, camo blue and green, and SA flag design).

Why not consider having your company logo printed onto the fabric and provide it to all your staff?

Contact us for more information and to place your orders!