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Winterhalter designs and manufactures efficient warewashing systems for the catering and hospitality industry. They produce front loading glasswashers and dishwashers, pass through dishwashers, utensil washers, single tank rack conveyor, multi-tank, flight type dishwashers and water treatment. They employ radical intelligent resource technology in many products to help organizations save water, energy, chemicals and costs.

  • Rinse-jet design had improved results, yet uses up to 25% less water. Cost savings up to 20% when chemical is included.
  • Energy machines use air-to-water heat exchanger that takes waste steam from the dishwasher and uses it to heat incoming fresh water, reducing total connected load by up to 3kW.
  • Energy+ machine uses air to water and water to water heat exchanger; recycling heat from the waste steam and taking heat from the waste water to use to heat incoming fresh water. This can reduce total connected load by up to 6kW.
  • Volume rack and flight type conveyer machines have a new drying zone that uses less energy and also dries more efficiently. Traditional drying zones use air from within the machine to dry dishes, where the air is saturated. Their new fresh air drying zone draw air from outside the machine, warming it and then using it to dry the washed items - fresh, less humid air. Connected load reduction of 2kW to 8kW, depending on machine.
  • High volume rack conveyer machines also have new rinse water saving features that lower rinse water use by 25 to 30%. Depending on the model and workload, this saves between t64 and 135 liters of water every hour.

Top end, super efficient and environmentally responsible machines used by caterers around the world.

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