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Specialists paint applicators and manufacturers of exclusive wall coatings.

Versus Paint Specialists can offer you an environmentally friendly alternative to normal paints. We have formulated wall coatings that considerably decrease the amount of damage done to one’s immediate environment and the environment as a whole. We produce low-VOC Coatings, which make them eco-friendly! These coatings are durable, cost-effective and less harmful to humans and environmental health than conventional paints.

Versus Paint Specialists specialize in the manufacturing and the application of exclusive wall coatings. The products originated in Europe, but are now manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa by using South African raw materials thus making Versus Products “Proudly South African”.

Versus also specialize in paint, and we have done everything from base painting to specialized paint techniques.

Versus employs over 180 Staff and are committed to the empowerment of the previously disadvantaged. In saying this Versus Paint Specialists are independently BEE Rated and 100% BEE compliant.
We do not subcontract our application. We are involved from the manufacturing process right through to the application process, thus we can keep quality where it needs to be!

Versus Paint Specialists have done numerous exclusive paint and wall coating projects. Please visit our website for a list of our successful paint projects.

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