Pure Wool Duvets and Insulation

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Tests conducted have proven the superiority of wool over synthetic (polyester) duvets.

The following results were obtained from tests conducted:

  • Wool maintained better body temperature levels
  • About 80% of the time, other fibres induced significant body temperature escalations above the optimum 33°C - thus wool is far more comfortable to sleep under
  • Heart rate was lower 100% of the time when sleeping under wool
  • Relative humidity was much lower for 70% of the time resulting in a higher comfort level for the sleeper
No other fibre, natural or man made can match wools unique properties.

Our product range includes:
  • duvets,
  • wool tufted underblankets,
  • pillows,
  • quillows,
  • sleeping bags,
  • foot warmers,
  • neck cushions,
  • wool insulation

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