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Located on the foothills of the Outeniqua mountains, surrounded by breathtaking views, you will find a studio that makes art pieces of superior quality, collectability and African creativity.

PORCUPINE employs staff from the surrounding areas, all of whom have been trained in their skill, and encouraged to strive for personal growth within the framework of a team of highly creative people from South Africa. Each piece produced in our studio is made with special attention to detail and by a collective group of artisans. Besides the human aspect, our industry is environmentally friendly, producing less than four bags of waste (mainly paper and plastic) per week.

All our clay is recycled, the packaging breaks down in UV and the sawdust used in the pits makes a good acidic mulch. There is a small gallery at the studio and visitors are welcome to tour the studio and purchase product directly. Porcupine "Art out of Africa" has created a unique and sophisticated Euro/Afrocentric range of contemporary ethnic 'raku-pit-fired' ceramics, which project a new and exciting art dimension whilst retaining the spirit of Africa.
Inspired by the art of the very diverse ethnic cultures of the Southern Hemisphere and Africa; the studio produces a range of decorative art pieces with crackled glaze, flashed metallic and blackened carbon surfaces. The firing process ensures that each fired piece is totally unique, and no two pieces are ever identical.
We will design custom plates, pots, ornaments, basins and lamps.

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