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Ozone Solutions as a result of many years in the water and air purification business using ozone and other state of the art technologies, are experts in designing and supplying cost effective systems for the client looking for eco friendly and chemical free solutions to combat pollution or save and/or recycle valuable resources such as water.

In the Hospitality Industry OSI can offer the following " must haves " :

  • Airzone OdoGo Portable hotel deodorisers using ozone to effectively neutralise smells such as cigarette smoke, and spilt alcohol and to freshen up musty hotel rooms after they have not been occupied for a while.
  • Aquazone Water Purification systems for when there is no Municipal treated supply of water to provide safe bathing or irrigation water.
  • GoZone Water Drinking Water Systems regardless of water source to provide high quality safe and tasty water for own bottling and ice makers.
  • Biozone Package Sewage Treatment plants for remote lodges to enable safe recycling of sewage and wastewater for irrigation or to reintroduce to rivers or dams.
  • Airzone Wall or desk mounted air purifiers using ozone and Ultraviolet ( UV) to combat smells, freshen up areas and ensure microorganism free air for clients and staff to breathe. Of particular interest in refuse/garbage areas, high traffic areas such as reception and obvious areas such as toilets and smoking areas.

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