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GreenerFuture is a full service carbon management consultancy. Our services include carbon footprinting, carbon offsetting, carbon mitigation and management all of which are tailor-made to specific businesses. We assist businesses in being greener and positioning themselves as environmental leaders within their respective industries.

GreenerFuture takes the complexity out of being green and being carbon neutral. We offer businesses a variety of innovative yet affordable options for reducing their carbon footprint and being green. We are a business where success is measure by the tones of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) we reduce, above and beyond business as usual, for the planet.


A percentage of all our sales support projects that actively protect our planet's fragile endangered ecosystems. GreenerFuture aids in financing the protection of ecosystem services like oxygen production, water filtration and most importantly, our planet's biodiversity.

GreenerFuture also favours projects and standards that are able to prove positive social benefits for local communities. GreenerFuture purchases carbon credits from internationally recognized standards that have a proven track record and sound carbon registry systems. All projects are thoroughly investigated for credibility, integrity and effectiveness.

By supporting GreenerFuture you are supporting project such as:

  • Renewable energy projects - Projects that produce clean energy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels such as wind energy

  • Waste Management - Projects that manage waste in a more environmentally friendly manner, reducing the decomposition and therefore the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as well as recycling the compost
GreenerFuture will enable you to accurately identify the carbon footprint of your establishment. A detailed carbon footprint report is generated to provide a baseline to manage further emissions through onsite reduction and offsetting specifically geared at the hotel industry.

We will also reduce additional greenhouse gases and support the conservation of highly important ecosystems. By partnering with GreenerFuture under this initiative your establishment will be able to offer accommodation that goes beyond carbon neutral and creates positive environmental change. A part of all proceeds is channeled to the ecosystempatchâ„¢ project and other NGO-based projects that protect the planet's most valuable ecosystems.

This means that when a guest stays with you they not only contribute to the lowering of green house gas emissions but they are contributing to the protection of endangered ecosystems.

Guests receive a GreenBedz micro-certificate stating that their stay was beyond carbon neutral.

Guests can now have a truly, green night's sleep...

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