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Green Power Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd is an energy optimisation solution provider, project developer and implementer.

Green Power Solar systems are ideal for the hospitality industry because:

  1. Our SABS thermal test reports indicate that our SPA Series systems have one of the highest heat outputs in SA today making them ideal to heat large volumes of water for pool, domestic hot water and under floor heating.
  2. Our tubes can be installed from 20 - 90 degrees making them flexible to incorporate into any building design
  3. They are light and aesthetically pleasing with no tank on your roof.

Green Power was formed with the realization that South Africa needs alternative sources for energy. In order to lower the country's carbon footprint, provide more affordable sources of energy and realize a "greener" future, we research technology in line with this and make it available to the market.

Green Power supplies highly efficient evacuated tube solar water heating technology and aims to help the hospitality industry reduce their dependency on electricity for their hot water heating requirements. Heating hot water is expensive and through using solar you save money and the planet - simple!

Where possible we also source locally produced products. Our typical payback period for a family of 4 is less than 5 years for a complete 150L system and we are extremely proud of our energy efficiency rating from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) which is one of the highest in the country!

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