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Made in South Africa from recycled paper and milled (cellulose) to optimum density.

Developed to the highest specifications:
  • Fire Resistant
  • Unattractive to rodents and insects
  • Has proved its long term resistance to both wet and dry rot.
  • Non Toxic, non-irritant & non-allergenic
  • No Asbestos or glass fibre

Air entrapment minimises the hot or cold transfer by conduction through the material. The more air contained in the insulation material, the better its thermal performance. This feature, allied to the excellent natural insulation qualities of treated wood fibre, (cellulose) is what makes it so effective.

Eco-Insulation carries a lifetime guarantee and can never deteriorate or become ineffective. Installation is both quick and clean, with no waste (or mess) to be cleaned up. Installation into the average three bedroomed home is about two hours.

ECO-INSULATION is environmentally friendly, extremely efficient and cost effective. ECO-INSULATION is the 'cents'-sible choice.

Steve Simmonds of QUALITY SOLUTIONS, in an e-mail to Cecil Homan of Eco-Insulation :
"... it was a pleasure working with you and incidentally in the history of my 15 years consulting in quality your project from beginning to being certified by the SABS was done over the shortest time period. Now thats an achievement."

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