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The unique patented Eco-bin is South Africa’s first outdoor separation at source receptacle. Boasting four individual compartments for recycling (plastic/polystyrene, glass/cans, paper/cardboard and either e-Waste or wet waste), as well as a chute for cigarette butts, the Eco-bin is a catalyst in the recycling campaign to reduce waste at landfills and empower social upliftment.

Each recycling compartment is fitted its own reusable and recyclable polypropylene (HDPE) inner lining. The reusable bags are easy to remove and insert, making it ideal for collection. The Eco-bin makes use of recycled polypropylene bags because the material adjusts easily to the mass of any type of waste, maximising the inner compartment space. The bins, constructed out of 98% natural sediment concrete, are available in two sizes: mini (360 ℓ) and maxi (720 ℓ). Each bin is fitted with a hinged door and failsafe locking system. Clear messaging on the back panel of the Eco-bin, in a language of choice, educates people on how to recycle and how to use the bin.

The functionality of the Eco-bin system is ideal for any environment, namely, corporate, mines and industry, retail (such as shopping malls), residential villages, schools, universities, communities, and municipalities.

Eco-bin’s vision is to expand its footprint by encompassing more community-based authorities and additional seats of learning, along with highly frequented venues such as shopping malls, office parks, airports, sports clubs, stadiums, zoos and wildlife parks.

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