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Cigarette Butt Bin

• Easy to use, smokers extinguish their cigarettes on the Butt Bin and simply drop the butt into one of the three drop in points.

• The Butt Bin can hold approximately 600 cigarette butts, so depending on the traffic the bin does not have to be emptied as frequently as butts being swept off the floor.

• Very simple to maintain; at the base is a trap door, you simply unlock the door using standard key provided, with a waste bag held below and the butts fall through.

Butt Bin contemporary design looks great.

• Manufactured from Corrosion Resistant Highly Polished Stainless Steel the Butt Bin is easy to keep clean.

• Only cigarette butts can fit into entry point, so there is no risk of waste build up anywhere in the bin.

• The Butt Bin eliminates unsightly cigarette butts littered on the outside of your business.

Stainless Steel Pedal, Free-Standing and Wall-Mounted bins

As proven with our pedal bins time and time again, our bins are hardwearing and long lasting - so much so that we offer an unprecedented life time guarantee!

Our bins are built with HEAVY DUTY parts - Brackets, Pedals, Opening / Closing Mechanisms - so that they can go on and on.

Products we offer :

  • Wall Bins

  • Stand Alone Bins

  • Recycle Bins

  • Benches & Seating

  • Porter Stands and hospitality products

  • Other architectural products manufactured from Stainless Steel

Suppliers to hotels, hospitals and restaurants throughout Southern Africa.

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