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BioFires™ - Ethanol Fireplaces

BioFires stylishly compliment room décor and provide supplementary heating for any room in your home, office or restaurant.

Our diverse catalogue includes BioFires with designs and sizes to match many design themes.

The glass cylinder houses a dancing flame, creating a beautiful focus point for the room, while a selection of bases means that you can coordinate the design of your room.

Choose BioFires ranging in styles from minimalist to rustic, Zen or sleek and elegant.

Biofires are environmentally friendly, using BioFuel, which is a plant derivative and burns a bright flame that does not produce any smoke or fumes.

The BioFire is odourless, unless you choose to use the aromatherapy option.

BioFires are an efficient and relatively cheap source of energy - 100% of heat energy produced by the burning biofuel remains in the room.

Enhancing restaurants, lodges, guesthouses and homes throughout Southern Africa.

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