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Get rid of your ugly smelly urinal by upgrading and converting your existing water-wasting installation into a waterless urinal. The EcoSmellstop system pays for itself within month! This phenomenally short pay-back period is achieved by 100% water saving and 95% reduction in maintenance!

Around 1894 Wilhelm Beetz an Austrian engineer patented a drainage device (trap) which allowed urinals to be made “flushless”. The trap used a sealing liquid.

This patent was then commercially exploited by a company F Ernst Engineer in Zurich, Switzerland. The first unit was installed in an ablution facility for Zurich tramways.

Addicom introduced the “flushless” concept into South Africa in 1983 by representing the Swiss company. In the beginning the Ernst system worked extremely well as the first units were installed in and around our Johannesburg home base.

F Ernst of Zurich was the sole supplier worldwide for approximately 100 years. In the early 1990s based on the Limits to Growth (1972) by the “Club of Rome”, water saving came into fashion and several companies appeared on the market using derivatives of the Beez patent. At more or less the same time Hepworth patented a drainage device (one way valve) which was in fact a flat tube.

Derivative patents of the flat tube elements are today marketed by various sanitary ware companies. Towards the end of 2002 Peter Dahm, a Swiss Engineer and owner of Addicom, patented a one -way valve strictly observing the hydrodynamic laws quantified by Bernoulli. This 3rd generation one-way valve works completely chemical free; allows passage of grit up to 2 mm and boasts self cleaning properties for the critical sealing surfaces. The maintenance to keep a urinal clean has been reduced to the bare minimum!

F Ernst has the largest critical mass of waterless urinals installed by a single company. They commenced in October 2006 to upgrade the 300,000 installed units to the Ecosmellstop system. The first large orders allowed us to change our pricing philosophy to “Quantity over Price” thus enabling us to reduce the South African prices by approximately 40%.

The Italian Tecma Sanisplit pump, a masterpiece in engineering, is used where the invert levels do not correspond.

Addicom is representing this pump in South Africa. This pump gives the professional a complete design freedom.

With this unit it is possible to install a “Spa in the lounge over the weekend”. The pump has a unique design which allows the drive module to be removed for maintenance without having to touch any piping.

The pump is extremely powerful and it is possible to use one unit for more than one toilet at the time.

Have you ever experienced a maintenance-free period of 1460 days? That is right! 1460 days or 4 years lasts the guarantee. (Double EU standards)

Our fantastic Fast Assistance Service will guarantee an exchange unit right to your doorstep within 24 hours in case of trouble. The days of cumbersome and expensive maintenance are a thing of the past!

Your pump will complete 58,400 cycles in considerably more than four years, which is less than half of its design life. Four years and more in today‘s high tech environment is a commonly expected life time, and therefore our four year guarantee is fully justified.

Addicom waterless urinals have been installed in several hotels which are “going green”.

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